About JK Design Group – Architectural and Entertainment Lighting Designers

JK Design Group specializes in the creative lighting design for architecture and entertainment.  We combine aesthetic sensitivity with technical expertise and sustainability to create design solutions for projects of all types and sizes including: Location Based Themed Entertainment (LBE’s), Commercial and Retail Facilities, Entertainment Centers, Theatres, Nightclubs, Museums and Restaurants. We work with architects, engineers and owners to discover the best solutions for both interior and exterior lighting design.

JK Design Group was founded by Jay Winters and Edward Kaye to provide creative, aesthetic design services for live, themed entertainment  and performance facilities. Lighting, Audio, and Rigging designs are combined with state of the art technical system design and engineering for both renovation and new construction projects.

Designs and concepts are created through JK’s collaborative approach.  Firm members work as part of the design team that includes the Owner/User, Production Designers, Architects, Engineers and other specialty consultants.  All design work begins with the establishment  of the conceptual theme and the production design of the attraction.  This “project oriented” philosophy produces work that supports the overall concept, not an individualized statement.

Our creative philosophy enables us to design attractions that fulfill the goals of the Client by responding to the criteria established by its theme. Then, we combine our aesthetic vision with knowledge and experience in the engineering of state of the art special systems to produce new designs tailored to each project.  We do not start with preconceived ideas and redefine the Client’s need to fit the design.

JK Design Group can assume any degree of responsibility for the design and engineering of Lighting, Audio, and Rigging systems from inception until after the facility’s successful opening. This ensures an approach that is practical, creative, sensitive to artistic integrity while always mindful of the project schedule, budgetary constraints and the sustainability of the lighting fixtures.

Whether a conventional or prototypical project, our knowledge of current systems and equipment as well as our artistic sensitivity enables us to design to your specific needs. From the smallest renovations and one day shows to total production system design and project management, we make the magic of lighting come alive.